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Linda's gentle, interactive style puts everyone at ease.

The Jungle Lady℠

Snakes, Bugs, Lizards — and other Girlie Stuff

The Jungle Lady and Cleopatra Linda The Jungle Lady performs educational animal shows for groups of any size. She displays animals from her extensive collection in an interactive and safe format creating “jungle fun” for everyone. Linda is a regular guest on Fox 31's Everyday show and has also appeared on 9 News. She entertains at birthday parties, corporate events, schools, libraries, and private functions throughout Colorado's front range. 
Meet (some of) the Menagerie
bud the bearded dragon   burmese python   rose hair tarantula
Bud the Bearded Dragon
Sunny the Burmese Python
Fluffy the Tarantula
pygmy hedgehog   western hognose snake   emperor scorpion
Salt the Hedgehog
Hiss the Hog Nose Snake
Squiggy the Emperor Scorpion
  african tortoise    
  Ted the Tortoise    
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