the jungle lady

The Jungle Lady
Colorado's Creature Teacher

Linda The Jungle Lady performs educational animal shows for groups of any size.

She displays animals from her extensive collection in an interactive and safe format creating “jungle fun” for everyone.

Linda has entertained at schools, libraries, park districts, large venues, and private parties throughout Colorado's front range. 

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Colorado's Snakes, Lizards,

 Turtles, Frogs & Salamanders

Colorado is home to 65 different species of reptiles & amphibians. 

Snakes of Colorado
Colorado is home to
23 species of Snakes


Turtles of Colorado
Colorado is home
to 5 species of turtles.


Lizards of Colorado
Colorado is home to
19 species of lizards


Amphibians of Colorado
Colorado is home to 18
different species of frogs
and salamanders.


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(requires Adobe Acrobat™)   303-250-7070